Treatment Options

We offer 3 care options designed to deliver results with transparent costs , predictable timelines and maximum efficiency.

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All Inclusive Treatment Protocols

We designed the most effective treatment protocols for conditions  frequently seen in our offices: migraines and other headaches, back pain, neck pain, joint pain, neuropathies, nerve paralysis, tinnitus, depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia.Each protocol is an all Inclusive 8-week complete treatment plan and includes all medically necessary treatments and all herbal, nutritional, and homeopathic medicines are included. (Lab charges, if needed, are extra).All protocols include one or more of our unique propriety treatments:Qi Gong Hypnopuncture, INTREPID pain therapy, and Neuro-reprogramming.Each protocol is fully customizable for the individual patient's needs.By the end of protocol completion, our patients report significant improvements in their complaints.8 weeks all-inclusive treatment protocols include:All medically necessary treatments, homeopathic, herbal and injectable medications, nutritional supplements included (lab charges, if needed, not included).
The cost of the treatment protocol, depending on the condition ranges between 1950-2650 (all inclusive).

Custom TreatmentPlans

If you have complaints outside of our pre-designed protocols or If you prefer more flexibility with your treatment planning, you can choose one of our custom treatment plans.
Custom treatment plans are done in 4-week treatment increments and you have the option of two treatment intensity levels: Acute or Urgent.
Custom treatment plans start at $975

CTA Overview

Proprietary Treatments

You might wish to use our unique proprietary treatments Qi Gong Hypnopuncture, Unique combination of Qi Gong energy work through breathing and visualization, hypnotherapeutic applications and special acupuncture brain regulation techniques.   It is highly effective for anxiety, stress, depression, and other emotional issues.

INTREPID pain therapy
Integrative Rapid Electromagnetic
Pain Identification and Dispersion
Highly effective, noninvasive painless therapy for any kind of pain.

Treats addictions, sugar cravings and appetite control comprehensive therapy

Each treatment is available in a package of 5 that gives you a great start to see the beginning of noticeable changes in the way you feel.

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