DrV Clinic services

At the Dr V clinic, we offer comprehensive treatment solutions. We feel that offering individual treatments is an outdated practice model that does not produce value for our patients and is often an obstacle to a successful treatment.
In our treatment protocols, we combine modern treatment and diagnostic methods with the ancient wisdom of Oriental Medicine.
We utilize 21st-century technologies, such as computer diagnostic testing, blood analysis, laser, fa- infrared therapy, and electromagnetic therapy. We also use traditional treatments, such as acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal therapy, and nutrition.
We are particularly proud to offer unique proprietary treatment methods developed by Dr V. These treatments include Qi Gong Hypnopuncture, neuro-reprogramming for addictions, and INTREPID pain therapy (Integrative Rapid Electronic Pain Identification and Dispersion).


INTREPID therapy stands for Integrative Rapid Electronic Pain Identification and Dispersion. This unique pain therapy combines principles of European reflex therapy, Oriental energy work, and neurotherapy. With the use of advanced technologies, this computer-guided non-invasive treatment allows us to create an effective diagnosis and treatment of the root cause of pain.

Qi Gong, Hypnopuncture

Qi Gong, Hypnopuncture is a unique therapeutic energy work based on breathing techniques and visualization combined with Western clinical hypnotherapy methods, such as Eriksonian work. This therapy is further augmented by special acupuncture techniques to reach a state of deep focused relaxation.

Quit Smoking

Powerful neuro-chemical brain reprogramming breaks subconscious habits, normalizes brain chemistry, detoxifies the body, and creates new conscious behaviors. As a basis of this unique therapy we use  several treatments that have been used  to quit smoking: for a long time  cognitive therapy, hypnosis, auricular therapy, and acupuncture. All of them are very effective as a stand alone. They have their strengths, but they only address particular aspects of this addiction.Dr. V modified them based on his international experience. He uses themsynergistically  to create a truly unique therapy. With over 80% success rate, many patients quit after just one visit.

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Acupuncture is an ancient healing art of stimulating energy points in the body to produce strong healing effect. This therapy provides quick results in relieving pain, emotional release, and balancing internal organ function. There are many different styles of acupuncture. Dr. V was privileged to study the most effective traditional 5 element acupuncture, I Ching acupuncture, Tan Balance method, and Japanese Toya Hari acupuncture. After over 30 years of treatment experience, he combines them in his own unique style.

Computer Energy Analysis

We use this computer electromagnetic  test to determine,  from an acupuncture  standpoint what energy imbalances cause pain, stress and psychological discomfort. This creates an opportunity to objectively diagnose and monitor the treatment progress that each patient can see.

Integrative Diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis is the cornerstone of an effective treatment strategy.At our facility, we seamlessly integrate age-old diagnostic methods like pulse, tongue, and Hara (abdominal) evaluations with contemporary computer energy analyses. Additionally, we utilize advanced lab tests, encompassing neurotransmitter tests, hormonal saliva screenings, food intolerance assessments, and detailed micronutrient blood tests. This comprehensive and integrative approach ensures our treatments are not only precise but also yield results rapidly.

Integrative Medicine

As the realm of integrative medicine expands, many patients and even some practitioners are left wondering about its true essence.With nearly three decades of experience, we stand as a beacon of clarity in integrative care. Our approach to integrative medicine revolves around the '4 Is' model:Inclusive, Individual, Intensive, and Involved.

Modern Acupuncture

Modern acupuncture seeks to harmonize the electrical signals conveyed by the nervous system, which oversees all bodily functions. Beyond traditional needle techniques, contemporary acupuncture also utilizes tools like lasers and other electronic devices for stimulation.

Nutritional Therapy

We merge insights from Oriental Medicine on the energetic qualities of foods with European perspectives on optimal food combinations, as well as dietary guidelines formulated by Russian physiologists. This amalgamation has culminated in our unique integrative diet therapy system.